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JN/Doctor on Call (Telemedicine for all)

Universally Affordable and Accessible Telemedicine Services for all.

Doctor on Call is the brand name for Jamaica’s telemedicine services. These services delivered by the following registered professionals: Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Allied Medical Professionals, Clinical Pharmacy Specialists and Veterinary Practitioners. This platform is developed from years of research and development by the Jamaican company, Tele-Medicine Limited. 

Allied Medical Professionals
Clinical Pharmacy Specialists
Veterinary Practitioners
Nurses (Remote Community Nursing & Home Care Services)

Professor Winston George Mendes Davidson

Who is Professor Davidson?

Doctor on Call is the brainchild of Professor Winston Davidson, who is Professor of Public Health and Health Technology and Former Head of the School of Public Health and Health Technology at the University of Technology, Jamaica.


Sachet Vijay

Sachet Vijay is a software engineer, who also worked with Professor Davidson in the design of the Doctor on Call telehealth / telemedicine architecture. The partnership with Professor Davidson enabled the building of the telemedicine platform for the virtual delivery of telemedicine services.

The outcome of these services is in keeping with the highest ethical standards of practice and ensures that the practitioners who are doctors, dentists and allied medical professionals are certified by the highest authority of their respective national professional councils.

The platform’s technological standards ensure the protection of patients’ rights to privacy and confidentiality.

What are the features of Doctor on Call?


Frequently Asked Questions

Use a browser (Google Chrome or Apple Safari) and enter into the address bar.

The platform is for doctors, dentists, allied medical professionals (Guidance & Counselling – Drug Abuse / Family, Nutritionists, Occupational Health & Safety Officers, Occupational Therapists, Opticians, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Public Health / Environmental Health Officers, Radiographers & Other Imaging Technologists, Speech Therapists), clinical pharmacy specialists and veterinary practitioners and all their patients.

You need a cellphone or laptop or tablet or desktop or any other Internet connected device with a webcam and microphone.

No. The Doctor on Call system is browser based, which, among other  security features, will give the best practice for patient confidentiality and privacy. 

Registration is FREE! For all providers and all patients.

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