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Doctor on Call AI Bot

“Artificial Intelligence” or AI, uses the performance of a computer as a machine learning device to independently perform functions of the doctor or the dentist.

Doctor On Call will use an Artificially Intelligent Robot (AI DOC-BOT) as a voluntary pre-diagnostic tool which will interact with patients if they so choose while waiting in the doctor’s/dentist’s virtual office lobby.

This pre-diagnostic screening may be performed prior to the doctor or dentist’s virtual clinical encounter.

Tele-Medicine Ltd has tried and tested the Doctor on Call AI DOC-BOT with over two thousand patients and is satisfied that the outcome of this machine learning device is a very valuable pre-diagnostic screening tool which enhances the quality of the final virtual clinical diagnosis of the Doctor or Dentist. The privacy and confidentiality of the patient is assured by the fact that each AI DOC BOT patient encounter is specifically labelled with a Global Unique ID (GUID) is only available to the relevant doctor or dentist engaged in the virtual clinical encounter.

The Doctor on Call AI DOC-BOT will be white labeled and made available to all doctors and dentists using the Doctor on Call telemedicine platform immediately after the international launch of Doctor on Call near the end of January 2022.