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Professor Winston Davidson

Sachet Vijay

Leon Robinson

Leo Williams

Jai Sukul

Chairman and CEO

Professor Winston Davidson, is Professor of Public Health and Health Technology and Former Head of the School of Public Health and Health Technology at the University of Technology, Jamaica.

Technical Architect

Sachet Vijay is a software engineer, who also worked with Professor Davidson in the design of the Doctor on Call telehealth / telemedicine architecture. The partnership with Professor Davidson enabled the building of the telemedicine platform for the virtual delivery of telemedicine services.

Technical Assistant

Leon Robinson is a self taught graphic/web designer and has over a decade’s worth of experience in the creative industry. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Technology, Jamaica.


Leo Williams joined SEAF as Managing Director for the SEAF Caribbean SME Growth Fund. Prior to SEAF, he founded Williams & Associates, an investment advisory firm focused on attracting capital to Jamaica and the wider Caribbean region.


Managing Director of Health 2000 Canada and H2K Technologies Inc. B.Sc.( Hons ) Thames Polytechnic / Greenwich University (UK ) 1979

Universally Accessible and Affordable Telemedicine Platform

In order to make the service affordable, the two researchers have contributed the cost of 22 years of R&D as a dividend to the platform costs.

Doctors from the Association of General Practitioners of Jamaica and the Caribbean College of Family Physicians, who contributed to evaluation and user acceptance tests over the past 20 years, have committed to charging patients a half the cost of a normal office visit to see the patient on the platform.

Provision is made to provide top up Jamaica National / Doctor on Call Mastercard to all patients without a bank account or a credit card to enable them to pay for the service as they are able.

Ensuring Patient Privacy

Doctor on Call is a 24/7, highly secure system of provider’s web portals which includes the following features:

a. Only the provider has full and exclusive control of all data generated by the clinical encounter between provider and patient on the platform.

b. Confidential documentation of clinical encounter by provider is in conformance with the highest medical standards. i.e. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

c. There are no platform requirements for the download of programs or apps which may gain access to your confidential information.

d. Highly encrypted, secure https certification, protecting against eavesdropping and tampering.

e. All patients have direct on request to their information from their provider.

f. Confidentiality is maintained by only peer to peer refferal of medical information.

g. All information and data is stored in the cloud.

h. Provider and patient user name and password authentication.

High Ethical Standards

1. The ethical standards demanded by law for the practice of medicine are assured by annual re-certification of all providers by their respective professional councils.

2. The model of Doctor on Call ensures the maintenance of these legal ethical standards because it is designed as the virtual extension of the provider’s normal office practice.

3. Doctor on Call requires all providers to document their unique professional registration number as a precondition for registration on its telemedicine platform.

4. Non-cartelization in setting patient fees by all categories of providers using the platform.

5. No fee splitting of provider’s fees for services.

6. Financial accountability of providers by the provision of the financial payment system on the Doctor on Call platform which conforms to the best FINTECH ethical accounting practices.

7. Only doctors and dentists trained in diagnostic medicine will have the authority to make diagnoses in conformance with the ICD 10 code and to write prescriptions for the patients.

Access to Doctor on Call

Information is stored and retrieved from the cloud and the patient information may be accessed from the provider who alone has custody of the data with patient consent.

Access is available through Google Chrome for Android and Windows, Safari for iOS and other browsers at https://docja.com/home or docja.com.

You may register as a provider (doctor/dentist or allied medical professional) or as a patient. The provider may access Doctor on Call by registering his portal or web address. e.g. johnbrown.docja.com.

Registration by provider and patient on the platform is FREE.

Purpose and Sources of Revenue

Doctor on Call will continue to add periodically, updated features including artificial intelligence and technology upgrades, utilizing remote diagnostic devices, statistical analytics, clinical research methods and integrating telemedicine data with office patient data whether electronic or manual capabilities.

The revenue to achieve this capability will be derived from a 10-20% added cost calculated from the provider’s cost to the patient. If the provider does not charge the patient, the added cost by Doctor on Call will be 0%.

This is to ensure that Doctor on Call gives support to providers who may choose to give voluntary service to patients of their choice. For mass voluntary service, Doctor on Call will charge a small maintenance fee.

Doctor on Call Best Practice E-Prescription Standards

Every e-prescription on the Doctor on Call telemedicine platform will have the following standards.

    1. Patient Name
    2. Patient Date of Birth
    3. Patient Gender
    4. Patient Cell Phone
    5. Refills
    6. Provider Name
    7. Provider Phone Number
    8. Provider Professional License Number 
    9. Provider Address
    10. Drug Name (with dispensing instructions)
    11. Provider Signature
    12. Autogenerated Unique Prescription ID Number
    13. QR Code
    14. Manually Entered Date of Prescription