Veterinary Practitioners Registration

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Veterinary Practitioners will provide telemedicine services to owners of animals and will provide telemedicine services including prescriptions on the platform.

Visit the Doctor on Call portal address, follow the instructions and select ‘New Provider’. These are the 5 main things you will need to be registered:

   1. Your Portal Name
   2. Your first and last name

  3. Your Veterinary Medical Council Number

   4. Your E-mail Address
   5. Portal Currency


Receive Payments
Video Conferencing Veterinary Clinical Encounters
Generate Animal Clinical/Advice Information
Write E-Prescriptions
Make Referrals

Veterinary Practitioner Payment Process

Providers will be required to set their Encounter Fee. Upon registration, each provider will be provided a free Mastercard
by Jamaica National/Doctor on Call. All encounter payments will be able to be transferred/withdrawn to this card and be
used islandwide.