Nurses Registration

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Why is the application of telemedicine to nursing care neccessary?

The need for remote nursing home care and community nursing homes (institutional care) are accelerating in Jamaica and the Caribbean because of the impact of the non-communicable disease pandemic, both locally, regionally and globally. The demographic trends of the aging of our societies also play a very important role in the need for a case by case approach to controlling the pandemic of non-communicable diseases. Application of telemedicine by the nursing profession in these circumstances is critical, necessary for the management of the NCDs and remote home care is the most affordable and accessible healthcare delivery technology and process.

Visit the Doctor on Call portal address, follow the instructions and select ‘New Provider’. These are the 5 main things you will need to be registered:

   1. Your Portal Name
   2. Your first and last name
   3. Your Nursing Council Registration Number
   4. Your E-mail Address
   5. Portal Currency


Receive Payments
Video Conference with Patients/Providers
Generate Patient/Provider Information
Make Referrals
Second opinions at provider's request
Patient advice and instruction

Nurses Payment Process

Providers will be required to set their Encounter Fee. Upon registration, each provider will be provided a free Mastercard
by Jamaica National/Doctor on Call. All encounter payments will be able to be transferred/withdrawn to this card and be
used islandwide.